About us

If you live in the UK but has been turned down by other providers because of bad credit, look no more. Royal Mobile is what you are looking for as we are committed to helping people with poor credit histories to access affordable and good mobile contracts. As a result of our diligence and offering top-notch customer service, we have been one of the most reputable leading bad credit mobile phone providers across the UK. Royal Mobiles believes in excellence and we are constantly working to ensure our customers receive nothing else but the best deals. In partnership with the community, other stakeholders and with the help of our dedicated specialists, we have been able to help many citizens’ access mobile phones of their choices despite having poor credit scores. Remember, at Royal Mobiles as long as you meet our basic requirements, you need not to worry about you credit history. All you need is proper documentation including your identifications, be an adult citizen of the UK and prove that you can afford the contract. When you meet the above criteria, just send in your application physically or you can fill it online from the comfort of your home and we will approve within 24 working hours.

Royal mobiles offers you the needed relief but with ample choice. You do not have to settle for less simply because you have bad credit. That is why we offer phones from iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Vodafone and many other brands. We believe that it the right of every UK citizen to access a good phone and stay connected without being condemned. After all, with the use of plastic, many more people are falling victim of bad credit by the day. However, as a standard practice for reducing risk, you might be requested to give a down payment depending on how bad your credit history is. Above all, Royal Mobile treats every application individually as we believe bad credit is not a basis for discrimination. Indeed, Royal Mobiles is all about creating a difference in the lives of those who have bad credit yet they seek good mobile contract deals.