Why would I opt for bad credit mobile phones?

Our mobile phones are an alternate route for you to get the phone of your choice even when you have bad credit. Remember, in order to access any contract, a credit rating is required. This rating tends to favor those while credit scores are impressive while those whose scores are bad will struggle to get the simplest contract. That is why you should opt for our bad credit mobile phones as it does not matter how your score looks, as long as you prove affordability then you will land yourself a phone contract.

How much money will I pay?

The total amount of money you will pay as your installments is dependent on a few things. For instance, the more expensive your phone will be the more installments you will pay.

Is it possible to change my monthly repayment date?

Of course yes. You can change your loan repayment day to a day that is more convenient for you. This can be done anytime during the entire contract period with the help of our committed personnel. Royal Mobiles are here for you and our customer care will definitely handle you well.

What type of phones do you offer?

At Royal phones we are focusing on providing great services to our customers. And that is why you will find a variety of mobile phones to choose from. Among the handsets we have are iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and HTC. And other than having different options, we ensure we give great deals.

Can I get refurbished phone?

Here, we offer both new and refurbished phones. It is now up to you to choose which phone you want. It is an added advantage to go for a refurbished phone as they are cheaper than new phones.

Can I upgrade?

If perhaps you started with a SIM-only contract or chose a refurbished phone, then you a upgrade to a brand new handset within the final 15 days of your contract. If you are unsure whether you qualify for a loan or not, call us directly and we will offer you the needed guidance.

Do I need to make an upfront fee?

Yes. If your credit score is at its worst, then we might require you to give a down payment first. Remember, the upfront fee is meant to be security for people applying for bad credit mobile phones and we take it a s a standard practice.

What if I change my mind?

Here at Royal Phones we are committed to ensuring our customers enjoy 100% satisfaction. Therefore, if you are not happy with a certain product or your phone is faulty out-of-box we give you an allowance of 14 days to return it. Once its returned then you can claim a refund or choose to replace it with another phone. The choice is entirely on you as there is no instance we will restrict you.

However, you need to note that for us to accept your phone for a refund or replacement, it must meet the following criteria: