Things to look for when buying a Smartphone with the best camera

It has become very easy to get that flagship you have always wanted as all you need is a phone contract. Your phone is your indispensable companion come photographer. Over the years, phone cameras have evolved to the point where they have professional calibri feature. This means that that awesome moment you experience while taking your evening walk down the park does not have to pass you. All you need is your phone to capture it and preserve it as a memory. If you are a lover of photography and are wondering how to choose a phone with the best camera, worry not. This article is meant just for you. Here are some of the best things you ought to look for in that smartphone you want to purchase.

Is it customizable

The quality of your phone does not just stop at what the manufactures made. You need to be able to customize it to fit your needs perfectly. There are several accessories for your phone’s camera to ranging from attachable lenses to selfie sticks. For instance, the Olloclip is turning heads with its amazing variety of attachable lenses. It can create the fisheye effect found on GoPros and can capture even the smallest details. Therefore, if you want some good value for your money and at the same time enjoy taking photos with it, the make sure it has a customisable camera.

Water resistant

You might want to make that video call even when taking your afternoon swim without the comfort of the pool. That is why you need to look out for a water resistant camera for your phone. For instance, in addition to the super curvy screen that a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with, it is also water resistant and can survive a dunking. This is the greatest convenience to look for if you are a lover of photos.

Raw Photos

A good camera shoots RAW. This means that it does not need any artifices or to compress your photo to produce a good quality image. The result is a clean untouched photo which you have utmost control of when it comes to editing. One niggle though, is that shooting RAW will leave you with large file. Thus ensure you have plenty of storage space, and lucky enough smartphones can support MicroSD cards.

Manual controls

If you want to know whether your new smartphone has a great camera, then check the manuals. Automatic modes can be very restrictive unlike manual controls which give you more control on how you want your photo to be. For instance, most flagship phones have simple apps that don’t feel like a milestone to use. Remember it is only when your phone controls are manual that you will be able to change the shutter speed and capture fast moving objects clearly. Additionally, you can also tweak the ISO and white balance. ISO has to do with sensitivity and keeping it at low will produce much clear fine photos.