Top tips to have when buying your first smartphone

Buying a smartphone is a serious decision that needs thorough considerations. After all, your phone will be your indispensable companion and instant connection to the rest of the world. With your smartphone, you can send and read emails from anywhere, take and share photos as well as play games and music. That is why choosing a phone, especially for the first time is a big deal. However, coming to a decision can be overwhelming with the hundreds options out there. To help you out, we have compiled a guide of the top three tips you need to have if you are to pick a smartphone that has all the functionality you will need and is affordable.

Think money

The first thing you need to think about after you have identified the kind of phone you want, is the cost. In as much as you need a high end phone, you also don’t have to break the bank in order to get one. You can effortlessly acquire that iPhone 7 you have desired and still have enough change. All you need is a phone contract with a trusted provider. This means that you will commit to paying monthly fees also called installments as you get the mobile with no charge. However, some carriers will require you to make a down payment if you credit score is not that pleasant.

Additionally, you ought not to worry even if you have bad credit. There are mobile phones for bad credit which are easily accessible from most carriers.

Operating system

You also need to bear in mind what kind of platform you will use. Though there are plenty of choices to choose from, you need to do prior research. This will help you avoid confusion and thus make a wise decision. Some users are faithful of Apple while others prefer Android. You will definitely find plenty of convincing arguments on both sides but it is up to you to settle on what you want. For instance, some will argue that the Android system is more susceptible to viruses. However, this doesn’t mean that these Apple phones are much safer either.


Before you purchase a smartphone for the first time, ensure you know what design you want. Among some of the things to consider are the weight, color and size. While many akin to larger screens, a smaller one might be more functional for your daily routine. For instance, it is much easier to tack it in when you’re in the go most of the time. Ensure you go for a phone that is easily customizable and easy to understand.